Our Future

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As global warming and carbon dioxide emissions become an increasingly greater concern for our planet, Agrinol Inc. is working hard to create and offer clean energy solutions. At Agrinol Inc., we are developing ways to reduce the emission of CO2 and the spread of other pollutants through our R&D efforts. The world is at a critical stage of climate change and global warming, and a collective effort is required to ensure a cleaner environment for future generations.

Our Mission

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At Agrinol Inc., our mission is to:

  • On the personal level, help individuals and families save money and stay healthy by removing and reducing carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide from the agriculture sector, public and private buildings, such as offices, hospitals, and homes, transportation such as cars, trucks, trains, airplanes, as well as landfills, petroleum refinery companies, cement factories, and food factories.
  • On the national level, help the government reduce the amount of carbon released to the atmosphere and the level of proliferation of toxic gases, all of which cause serious health issues and have a devastating impact on our climate;
  • On the international level, help to avoid the conditions which cause disasters such as floods, desertification, and widespread environmental pollution.

  • Agrinol Inc. is a clean and green ‘ENERGY’ company dedicated to:

    EEnvironmental care
    NNatural products use
    EElimination of harmful pollution
    RReduction of carbon dioxide
    GGreen raw materials
    YYields which are larger and better